Q 1: When is Online Tutoring available?
Online Tutoring is available 12PM – 12AM, seven days a week.

Q 2: What subjects can I use Online Tutoring for?
Our tutors are knowledgeable in all areas of math and science curriculum, from 4th to 12th grade and AP course work. They can help you with single homework problems and assignments, to studying and exam preparation.

Q 3: How can I contact technical support?
Send us an email at use the email we sent you.com or call us toll free at 1-866-304-3374.

Q 4: Will they give me answers?
Your tutor will never just provide answers, but rather help you learn the principles and/or process needed to find the answer to the specific problem and similar problems on your own.

Q 5: Is it important to have the latest Flash player?
Yes. For the latest Flash player (10.1) and Java Runtime Environment 1.6 Click Here.

Q 6: Is there a demonstration video I can watch?
Yes. Click here to open the demo video.

Q 7: What are the minimum system requirements for running an Online Classroom?
Operating System/Web Browsers
Windows XP/NT/2000/VISTA/7
Windows XP/NT/2000/VISTA/7
MAC OS X onwards
Intel Pentium 4 or above and equivalent processor
Internet Explorer 7 and above Click Here
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above Click Here
Minimum Bandwidth Requirement (Upload and download speed should be same or close)
Video classes - 512 kbps @ each attendee end (1 Mbps recommended)
MAC OS X onwards

Q 8: How it Works
2be* Tutor is an easy to use On-demand Tutoring system. Get started with three easy steps:
Register and create an account.
Select your level of hours and payment information. Click to activate the tutoring whiteboard.
Your current account balance will be displayed each time you login. If you need more hours, you can purchase more when you need them.

For an effective tutoring session, you need the latest version of flash player. Click here to download!