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Piece of Mind
2be* Tutor is not just an on-demand in-home learning tutor; it is a parent’s best friend. Remember when your child was struggling with a math question, while you had to relearn algebra in 10 minutes. The 2be* Tutor gives your child instant access to the experts. 2be* Tutor gives parents piece of mind that their child is getting the right answer on his or her homework, but learning the skills to advance.
If your student needs remedial tutoring or just wants to get ahead of the class, 2be* Tutor is there for you.
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  1-on-1 tutoring
Instant chat to communicate in real time.
Interactive virtual whiteboard for tutors and students to visually work through problems, lessons, and concepts.
All sessions are recorded for student and parent review.
  Parents love 2be* Tutor
No more driving and waiting around an expensive learning center.
Learn in a stress free environment at home or any place with an Internet connection.
  2be* Tutor helps students with
Confusing homework problems.
Review for classroom quizzes and tests.
Improving focus and concentration.
SAT Preparation AP Tutors also available for gifted students.